Why Communities Need to Plan for Disasters

Introduction – Today’s post is going to focus on communities. It is easier to get corporations to change or develop a 3CFortress but today I’m going to think BIG. Changing a community to have more 3CF qualities may take some time but neighborhood or a section can do it at a time. Main Essay – Here are a couple of case studies to get you thinking: Case Study: Joplin, Missouri — Tornado On May 22, 2011, an EF5 (wind speeds … Continue reading Why Communities Need to Plan for Disasters

Who needs a 3CFortress?

Who needs a 3CFortress? A fundamental question! A 3CFortress, or 3CF for short, encompasses many things that are key to continuity and making one as self-sufficient as possible. But the fundamentals benefit certain groups more than others. At the micro level the beneficial groups are companies (corporations), retail, hotel, farm and apartment/condo housing residents. That’s a lot of people.   Let’s take a look at each group that benefits from a 3CFortress. The benefit to a corporation is continuity or … Continue reading Who needs a 3CFortress?

Building Urgency for a 3CFortress Plan

Introduction – Bear with me as a I try to build on the urgency for communities and corporations to start a 3CFortress program. Why? Because your very survival depends on it. Simple as that. I am doing this with a different approach. What you will see is a one-sentence (statement or question) lead in with a short response. I am fascinated with those small books you see in bookstores. This different approach is an attempt to write this post in … Continue reading Building Urgency for a 3CFortress Plan

Encouraging Trends Toward a 3CFortress Complex

Introduction – Taking a moment to look at what could be called encouraging trends on continuity, sustainability and working towards a 3CFortress concept. The 3CFortress concept brings together three main components to a community or corporation. Maybe an acronym will help. Let’s go with ORAH. Almost sounds like what Marines say, “Ourahh” but that’s another story. Office tower – Retail stores; Apartments – Hotel tower. As I have stated may times there is no current structure that fits this 3CF … Continue reading Encouraging Trends Toward a 3CFortress Complex

Catch Up and Small Books

Introduction – Thought I would catch up on some past posts/thoughts. I read a quote this week that really stood out. I’ll talk about that and get everyone back up to speed on some 3CFortress basics. Then I want to talk about small books. I’ve always been fascinated with them and wonder if that is a way to introduce the 3CFortress concept to, especially the ones that don’t look at blogs. Main Essay – The quote I read this week, … Continue reading Catch Up and Small Books

4 Phases of Continuity Operations

Introduction – Time to get back to the basics for a minute and talk about the four phases of continuity operations. Continuity means keeping the community or corporation/business going through a crisis or disaster. The four phases are “Readiness & Preparedness”, “Activation & Relocation”, “Continuity Operations”, and “Reconstitution”. The reference for this is the ready.gov website but I have to mention that I don’t rely/agree 100% with everything put out by ready.gov. I do agree that we don’t need to … Continue reading 4 Phases of Continuity Operations

Drought Update and the Future Outlook

Introduction – The U.S. Drought is something I’ve been tracking for a few years. The direct impact of droughts naturally ties in with water shortage/depletion issues creating another risk or compounding the impact of the drought. After the Midwest received some drought relief, the focus was on the West Coast. California and parts of Nevada and Oregon are still in a severe drought. But they are not alone and the future doesn’t bode well for several other areas. Drought should … Continue reading Drought Update and the Future Outlook

Thoughts on Relocation

Introduction-Deciding on whether or not to relocate is a major decision facing any individual, family or corporation. The only 3CF “C” that doesn’t face this decision is a “Community” unless a planned dam is going to inundate that community. Relocating can be done for several reasons. One, the best, is for strategic reasons. This means you did the research on where you are currently located and ultimately decided it was best to relocate in order to survive. Hopefully you thought … Continue reading Thoughts on Relocation

Is 3CFortress similar to “mixed use” facilities? Yes!

Introduction – You hear a lot about “mixed use” or multi-use facilities. Is a 3CFortress similar to these facilities? A resounding yes! A 3CFortress site or complex uses office space (corporate), housing units (apartments and condominiums), retail stores and a hotel as base units. Be aware that not all mixed-use facilities can be a 3CFortress. I say this because you don’t see mixed use with the base units found in a 3CFortress. But today I want to review some of … Continue reading Is 3CFortress similar to “mixed use” facilities? Yes!

Why a 3CFortress Needs to be Secure

Security, in this day and age, needs to be a top priority both in everyday life and even more so during a crisis. If your “living triangle” is not secure then you face the option of leaving…otherwise known as bugging out. While you are in your home you need to feel safe. Can you get out to grab something at the store? In daylight? After sunset? Can you go for a recreational walk and be safe from attackers? Are you … Continue reading Why a 3CFortress Needs to be Secure