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Taking Off For a Trip to Ireland

Our son is getting married in Dublin, Ireland next weekend. I will resume my articles and eBook after that.

I have looked at sites in Ireland that can fall into the 3CFortress category. The visit last year to Glendalough was fantastic. It was a community started by an Irish monk but at some point it was no longer viable. Interesting to ponder on “why” which I may put in a future blog post.

We are staying at a place that has many of the 3CFortress foundations to it. I will post the pros and cons, as I saw them, when I get back.

For this weeks, “Who’s Talking” I direct your attention to a USA Today article from May 22, 2014 in the Nation section Will this be the ‘Decade of the City’?

It talks about some large cities booming so they have to be doing something right? Well, maybe not. Two of the biggest were Austin and San Antonio both in Texas. Can’t deny that something is drawing people there. I’m afraid that “something” is jobs.

Time are still tough maybe not all over but people that need a job for income have to go where a job offer leads them. Think of the story behind the Grapes of Wrath and the migration to California. Some of the big growth cities were in CA. Hmmm…this one needs further research for sure.

One of my late chapters in the eBook will deal with Strategic Relocation. When you start putting all the pieces of a 3CFortress together, it can wake you up to the fact that not everything needed is in your city or community.

Have to run…well fly. Thanks to those following this blog including the ones in the shadows.

It Takes A 3CFortress Introduction

This blog post is going to start off 52 weeks writing on the 3CFortress concept. This will be a long journey but one that I firmly believe every “C” needs to make. Every “C” or community, city or corporation needs to know the risks that could put one out of business and how to create a continuity plan well before the crisis happens. I call this journey/book It Takes A 3CFortress and yes it is a play on the book It Takes A Village. This is not an easy decision to make. Making sure the right risks are identified is key to starting this journey. Like all journeys, this one begins one step at a time.

  “I have found that being honest is the best technique I can use. Right upfront, tell people what you’re trying to accomplish and what you’re willing to sacrifice to accomplish it.”

— Lee Iacocca, executive


The main question for the day is where is a 3CFortress leading us? What do I hope to accomplish with this paradigm shift? The 3CFortress, in order to be built, will require a series of serious decisions to be made and those decisions placed in a formal plan. Whether to adapt an existing structure or build new will be one of those major decisions. In the end, the 3CFortress will provide the way for site, people and business to all come together.

As the journey to create a 3CFortress begins, you will see how it will solve several present day problems or at least mitigate them so that you can stay in business…survive. These problems come about from a crisis, disaster, economic turndown, or dramatic change to the local conditions requiring a movement to a different area. All of these we tend to ignore and hope that they don’t affect us. History has proven this is not the approach to take and the consequences can be severe. For smaller communities it can be a strategy for sustained growth. For established older communities it can solve urban blight, sprawl and dead zones. This might sound too good to be true but all I can say is bear with me.

Let me point out that several present day solutions won’t work to get through the risks facing us today. I’m talking about “retreats” and what I will call the “bunker mentality”. Retreats are first using the wrong word. Have your ever heard of a retreat leading to victory. I can’t. The bunker mentality can be as simple as one buried in your back yard on up to the castle level. Just think of how long you want to stay in a bunker or castle that is under siege. If you could survive months in your set up the real questions is, “How do you know when to come out”? What if you come out and the crisis is at your door? What do you do if like the Twilight Zone episode where the neighbors are busting down the door do your bunker? The simple answer is bigger is better. Bigger as in a 3CFortress.

Try to think of a group that has to make hard decisions. Does the military come to mind. Training of a unit preparing for an overseas or combat tour will go receive instruction in the Military Decision Making Process. When you start to look at what you are up against, this process may come in very handy.

Normally, a plan of this magnitude takes a “staff” or group of experts in a variety of fields to advise the commander (leader) or the Chief Executive Officer of a corporation. The staff covers personnel, operations and logistics so that a comprehensive course of action can be developed. If you have any issues with using this process then compare it to the best practice project management, which is what I will do when we come to that point.

Once you have one or more courses of action then you have to put them into a plan and implement it. This is where having a staff makes a huge difference. Planning a 3CFortress will take a small team if you don’t have a dedicated staff. Don’t forget that a “C” is a city, community or company. No individual is a “C”.

To make a plan stick you will need to conduct exercises and training. As they say in the military, “Planning is not fighting”. Time to start the good fight. Exercises and training will pay off if the crisis or risk materializes. Both of these will bring more of the organization into the plan and what to do during a crisis. Ever seen what happens when no one knows what is going on? You don’t want that. Instead, think of the stories about September 11, 2001 and how companies got their people out of the tower before it crashed down. This was possible because a plan was created and enough people knew what to do that ended up saving hundreds of lives.

Eventually you will get your plan (act) together and start to look at the bigger picture. That is how does your 3CFortress fits in with the larger community. Are you in a “Garden City” or in other words is the larger communities thinking about the risks just like you are? Doubtful but several communities are looking into preparation with out of the box thinking. We will take a look at how urban planning works and how it can contribute to building a 3CFortress within a community that supports the whole.

In closing for today I can tell you that more tools, tips and techniques will be offered and discussed. In addition to making the hard decisions I will introduce you to “AdIOS” which stands for Adapt Improvise Overcome Survive. Adios in Spanish means “goodbye” which is what will happen if you don’t use AdIOS in your planning decision making process. Stay tuned!

What Are People Saying

If you are watching the Downton Abbey series on PBS then you know that the great manor houses in England had challenges that forced them to no longer be a large estate for aristocracy. They had to adapt and use the local area to support the estate. A 3CFortress shows how to adapt your “C” to the local environment and fill/correct the shortfalls. It will be rare where the big estate is moving towards this whole concept and most of the time it will be the “C” creating a plan to adapt or improvise into a 3CFortress complex or campus.

With the news about wild fires in California, the Quick Tip for today is how to minimize the risk of wild fires near your home or place of business. Know what is beyond what you can handle and call the fire department. Before small fires become big do you and everyone you know understand how to use a fire extinguisher? Do you know what type to use on what fires? Take these small steps to learn how to prepare and do what you can to minimize the risks. See much more at

What Do You Think? Feel free to provide a reply.

Bonus Offer For eBook If You Purchase “The Winning Way”

Here’s the deal…if you purchase the newly released book “The Winning Way” and send me the receipt I will then sign you up for my eBook. The eBook will be delivered in weekly segments to get you moving toward a 3CFortress for your company, community or city.

Glad to answer any questions about this. There are no strings attached!

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Time To Get The 3CFortress Ball Rolling

Time has come to get started on how building a 3CFortress is going to leave a positive mark on the USA and possibly the world.

With that in mind I drafted a 52 week plan (one year) of just how to accomplish this with your 3C’s (City, Community, Corporate). I will be publishing one post per week that will provide the basis for a book to be published, “It Takes a 3CFortress”, which is a play on the book It Takes a Village…with poetic license.

I’m excited to get this ball rolling and look forward to the coming weeks as I get the new posts published. Hope, at the same time, that the interest in this idea grows. Several things about the current thinking on business continuity, retreat communities and survival (in general) are wrong and time grows short to get those corrected.

I will be using my own acronym, AdIOS, which is Adapt Improvise Overcome Survive. At the same time I will be using problem solving, risk management and the Military Decision Making Process to make this into a step by step process.

Stay tuned and feel free to send a reply or comment. Thanks