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Who needs a 3CFortress?

Who needs a 3CFortress? A fundamental question! A 3CFortress, or 3CF for short, encompasses many things that are key to continuity and making one as self-sufficient as possible. But the fundamentals benefit certain groups more than others. At the micro level the beneficial groups are companies (corporations), retail, hotel, farm and apartment/condo housing residents. That’s a lot of people.


Let’s take a look at each group that benefits from a 3CFortress.

The benefit to a corporation is continuity or simply staying in business during a crisis through the time it takes until it is over. Plenty of web sites and papers are available on Continuity Plans however none of them will come close to how a 3CF pulls together essential players in a way that everyone wins. None of them “Adapt” to what is available in order to survive. A 3CF protects the company’s most precious commodity. No, not the “data”…employees are the commodity I’m talking about. The crisis is any of the risks identified when you started planning.

Since a string of retail stores is on the first floor they will benefit from being in a secure area. Think Ferguson, Missouri and how one business after another was looted and most burned. A 3CFortress would not be fortress unless advanced security measures were built into the facility. Retails stores will provide some of the basics needed during any crisis. They have to be protected and not just with barriers. The retail area should have one restaurant or food court to feed the office, hotel and people living in the 3CF. It is stocked and supplied by the farm and other sources as transportation allows.

One anchor piece to a 3CFortress is the hotel tower. The hotel should not be an “ordinary” hotel. It should be one of the “extended stay” types so that families not living in the 3CFortress can move in and be within the secure perimeter. The hotel staff becomes a logistical operation to keep the 3CFortress going. Getting the employees to the 3CF is one of the top priorities.

Securing the farms (farm families) and enabling transportation from the farm to the 3CF is a key function of sustaining the 3CF. Getting fresh food to the 3CF extends the time of survivability. More on that to follow.

The people living at the 3CFortress will include the key players in the corporation, hotel and other mission essential functions of the 3CF. Already having them in place removes the risk and delay of moving them to this location. The hotel conference center now becomes the command center.

There you have it. Several groups benefit from a 3CFortress but they do this by helping each other survive a crisis. Each group has a part to play in making sure the mission is accomplished. A 3CFortress enables the business to keep producing while protecting the lives of everyone involved.

3CF is a powerful concept. Companies have contingency plans that include devolution or moving to another site during a crisis. But none of them have all the components of a 3CFortress working together. No family, retreat or compound has all the needed components either. Whether it is a survival plan, continuity plan or crisis plan it must be comprehensive and sustainable through a time frame longer than 30 days (minimum) to more like ninety plus days. Take out one part of the 3CF plan and it all falls apart. It will fail early with no change of recovery.


Check it Out – At the time I’m writing this post there are several wildfires out West. Better add that to your risk analysis if you are an area than could have wildfires. Just like the spring and summer flooding, planning for a wildfire should not be discounted if the threat is not for fifty to one hundred years. One area the fire claimed something like 140 homes. There has to be some mitigating factors or ways to reduce the threat. As the fire is approaching is not the time to come up with a plan.


Quick Tip – In any long-term crisis meat can be a problem. To keep the supply from spoiling it is used immediately or in very short order. Keeping a ranch secure from looters could be a problem. One solution is to come up with a “green” diet consisting of vegetables, nuts and fruits. Read up on this but take a look at “Eat to Live” by Joel Furhman. I know it is on my reading list.


Look Who’s Talking – Is Solar coming back as an option? Electric vehicles too? I’ve seen a few companies marketing and advertising that solar is a viable option. Some of them are on Facebook. Can’t hurt to check them out. Once you figure out and verify both Federal and State rebates then forge on. The time for a low interest rate might be gone in the near future.

What do you think? Always need to hear back on whether or not the benefits mentioned will inspire you to make a difference in your organization. Make a difference by thinking and acting on a plan to build a 3CFortress.