Various Articles Compared With 3CFortress

Thought I would go off on a tangent for this post and talk about some articles I read recently and how they compare with a 3CFortress. Do they point to what I’m saying about a 3CFortress? Let’s get to it. First up is an article about a milkman outside Seattle, WA. You don’t hear that term used much today. Depending on your age you may remember a milkman coming to your house every few days. He delivered the fresh milk … Continue reading Various Articles Compared With 3CFortress

Does The Tipping Point = Decision Point?

Introduction. If you are analyzing and assessing where your company or community is at on continuity then at some point you reach a tipping point. A point where you can no longer control the direction that events are headed. Turning to we see that “Tipping Point” the point in a situation at which a minor development precipitates a crisis: Every infected person brings us closer to the tipping point, when the outbreak becomes an epidemic. You can only hope … Continue reading Does The Tipping Point = Decision Point?

Reply to on Scouting and Bug-Out

Title of article:  Scouting For a Survival Bug-Out in the Wilderness or the Desert I have to admit that it is tough to form a positive reply to posts or advice like this. But a large portion of it will just plain get you killed or make it close to impossible to survive a long term crisis. The big question was about bug-out so survive in place or bug-in was determined to not be an option or the correct option. … Continue reading Reply to on Scouting and Bug-Out

Response on “Smart Cities” Agora Financial Article

When I saw and read this article in the 5MinForecast I felt like I had to respond. So did several others. I couldn’t see “Smart Cities” as the answer…to much of anything. Here is my response that was published on July 10, 2014:   “Technology is not the answer to everything,” wrote another reader. “Haven’t we already proven that? “I’m surprised you didn’t tie in the ‘Internet of Things’ inside the so-called smart buildings. An Internet request from your refrigerator for … Continue reading Response on “Smart Cities” Agora Financial Article

Handling Risk Management

Introduction. Risk management is going to be one of the subjects that will put you on the path to building a 3CFortress. Once you list and analyze the risks for your community and/or corporation the light bulb will come on, lighting the way to surviving the impact. Ignoring the risks means the impact is lurking out there just waiting to rear its ugly head. Can you afford to ignore risks and realistically stay in business when the risk hits? That … Continue reading Handling Risk Management

A Look at “It Takes a Village” for Parallels

The book It Takes a Village, written by Hillary Clinton, easily comes to mind and begs the question about similarities and differences between her “village” and a 3CFortress. I wanted to see if her “village” can be compared to my 3CFortress. Ends up, it is worth taking a look to see if any parallels can be seen. While Hillary is focusing on “raising a child” the book does have several points I can see as fitting in with the 3CFortress … Continue reading A Look at “It Takes a Village” for Parallels

Could The Kildaire Club be a 3CFortress?

Stayed at The K Club recently and what a great stay it was. Being the parents of the groom didn’t give us enough time to explore many 3CFortress concepts but that just means another trip is needed! Location is about 40 minutes from the Dublin airport. The Kildaire (sometimes shown as “K”) Club,, has the appearance of a 3CFortress. I used Windsor Castle as an example in an earlier post. The resort does have, obviously, the hotel component. It … Continue reading Could The Kildaire Club be a 3CFortress?

New Threat: Asian Tiger Mosquito

The Asian Tiger, distinctive blank-and-white-striped coloration, mosquito is being reported by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to potentially cause immobilizing pain. The disease is chikungunya and has no known cure. Symptoms include fever, muscle pain, headache, nausea, fatigue and rash. It can lead to severe joint pain making walking a pain in the…joints. Amazing to read that this species didn’t make it to continental U.S. until 1985. They are aggressive and fly during the day. Can’t remember when … Continue reading New Threat: Asian Tiger Mosquito

What’s Wrong con’t SIZE

Why small doesn’t work for bunkers, castles (manor houses) and retreats Introduction Staying with the thought of what’s wrong with the way things are, I want to talk about why “size” matters. Retreats, bunkers and for that matter castles are too small to sustain a 3CFortress even on its smallest scale. What you are building has to be large enough to sustain a true community through a long-term crisis. I will get in to why anything on an individual or … Continue reading What’s Wrong con’t SIZE

What is Wrong With The Way Things Are?

This is not only an introduction for this segment of the blog but really an intro to the whole 3CFortress concept and why we need to move forward with implementing a plan to get there. My approach is to warn everyone that keeping the status quo and not preparing for a disaster or crisis can have fatal consequences. This is no exaggeration. Compounding the problem is the fact that complacency is rampant. Haven’t you heard it a million times lately? … Continue reading What is Wrong With The Way Things Are?